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Zinio Reader Download: A Guide to the Award-Winning Android App

Start reading, listening or watching instantly with e-books, audiobooks, e-magazines, and streaming movies. Most titles are available online with just an internet connection and a library card. An e-reader app is required for downloading to your personal device.

Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader is an app for Windows that allows you to read magazine issues and subscriptions on your mobile device.While magazines are first and foremost a way to provide information to their readers, the large image spreads are also a definite draw. It's what probably keeps a lot of people from subscribing to them via a Kindle or another black and white e-reader device. If this is something that bothers you too, Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader is definitely something to look into.

Zinio Reader Downloadl

A: If you received an email about the digital version of ESPN The Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Popular Mechanics, Jet, Ebony, or Marie Claire but never ordered this magazine, you are receiving a complimentary subscription to the magazine. You may be receiving it as part of a special promotion by the publisher or because you've opted in for promotional offers from a service such as Vista Print. This magazine subscription is free for you to enjoy! Just follow the instructions in the email to get started viewing your subscription. If you are not interested in this free subscription and would like to cancel, please click here with your request: Please make sure you email us from the address you want unsubscribed or note that address in your email.

1. To view your issue online through a web browser, simply login at and click on My Library in the blue Welcome box in the upper right area of the homepage. Then, click on the cover of the magazine you want to read and it will open in a new browser window.

A: Yes. It is no problem to have your magazine on more than one computer. First, install the Zinio Reader on both computers. Note: when you go to the website to install, make sure you log in to the website using the same account (same username and password) from both machines. Once installed, your magazine subscription will be automatically delivered to one computer, and you will need to manually download it on the second computer (which is easy to do). Which computer gets the magazine automatically? The computer that is turned on and happens to ping the server first after the magazine becomes available will get it automatically. (Remember that the Zinio Delivery Manager will automatically retrieve the issue only if you leave the auto-delivery option turned on.) For the second computer, to get the issue manually, go to and choose the option to download the magazine again.

A: No. Your digital edition of PC Magazine can be saved to your computer and viewed using the offline reader. It is saved in Zinio (.zno) format, which is optimized to give you a rich magazine reading experience using the Zinio Reader.

As it stands now, Zinio Magazine & Reader (iTunes Store link) is the most useful digital magazine publication app for the iPad. Zinio has been around for a while as a computer magazine reader. It distributes thousands of full-color magazines, from Rolling Stone, Car and Driver, to Time Magazine. Many of the most popular magazines that you see on newsstands can be downloaded from Zinio. Most of the publications are not free, but the Zinio apps, both the mobile and desktop versions, are very much free.

With the Zinio magazine reader on my iPad, I'm starting to reduce the amount of paper magazines on my book shelves and in my office closet. I look forward to reading all my magazines using apps like Zinio. When you subscribe to a magazine for iPad, you don't have to wait several months for that subscription to begin, and when new issues are released they are available to your Zinio account much sooner than the paper versions in the mail.

Zinio for the iPad is a pretty straightforward application that downloads your magazine subscriptions to your device. Similar to e-readers like iBooks and Amazon Kindle for the iPad, it has the familiar vertical turning pages feature, a quick linear and thumbnail access to the table of contents of selected publications, and - for us readers with poor eyesight - a very useful zoom feature for enlarging pages.

Zinio has just released an updated Adobe Air version of its computer reader, Zinio Reader 4. The experience of reading magazines on your computer, or even the iPhone, is not, in my view, as friendly as reading on the iPad. However, the desktop reader has many more features than the iPad version.

These shortcomings, however, don't prevent this e-reader magazine reader from being a very useful application for the iPad. Perhaps Apple will eventually include magazine and newspapers as part of its iBooks download, but until then Zinio is the best solution.

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